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Michelle Martello

On unique business models + revenue sharing secrets revealed.
Interviewed by Michelle Warner

3:00 - on evolving from designer to strategic partner
4:25 - on doing revenue share with clients
11:00 - the SEO software she’s geeking over right now
15:20 - on generating new ideas and her birthday product challenge
21:20 - on giving yourself an easy win
25:30 - giving yourself space as a service provider

Michelle Martello is an award-winning designer, digital strategist and founder of Minima Designs. With over two decades of e-learning and interactive design experience, she's been around since the start of the digital education revolution. Michelle's worked with a wide variety of diverse clients including MTV, the National Park Service and Elena Brower creating hundreds of sites, courses and products and mentoring thousands of students.

These days Michelle helps entrepreneurs leverage their online platforms to share (and sell) their knowledge to the world. And she's devoted to helping designers build their own sustainable businesses doing work that matters. She regularly shares her real-world insights around design, strategy and building a business that loves you back through speaking, mentoring and group training programs. Michelle lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband Zane. In her down time, she’s a Peloton fanatic and she's finally learning how to DJ.


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Anne Samoilov

On reaching out to new clients, learning vs. doing, dealing with comparisonitis and getting over your fear of launching.
Interviewed by Michelle Martello

2:31 - from running other people’s launches to doing her own
6:00 - the genesis of her program fearless launching
9:15 - on creating a new model for her program
10:18 - on reaching out to work for someone
11:27 - how she filled her first launch
17:50- what she’s loving about her business right now
18:30 - finding comfort during a learning phase
19:10 - on cutting out old programs
19:45 - on consulting v. delivering content
20:50 - what’s changed this year around launching
24:40 - how to get over your fear of laughing and comparisonitis
31:00 - new revenue streams she’s considering
32:56 - finding partners to share your work

Anne Samoilov is the creator of Fearless Launching, an online training program that teaches impact-driven entrepreneurs how to create simple, streamlined, and standout launches without relying on template or cookie-cutter strategies. She’s helmed product launches for Laura Roeder, Marie Forleo, and Jonathan Fields. You can also listen to Anne’s podcast The Fearless Launching show where she shares insights and tips on how to have an amazing product or business launch--your way.


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Fabiana Nilsson

On putting your health before your business, fitting creative work in without having to rely on it and being decisive.
Interviewed by Michelle Warner

Fabiana Nilsson is a business coach for online entrepreneurs who want to grow their business on their terms — not according to what’s trending on the internet.

After burning out at her fancy corporate job, Fabiana knew things needed to change. So, in a tale as old as time, she became an entrepreneur. But she built and grew her business her way — without social media or complicated marketing strategies, and pivoting when it felt right.

Today, Fabiana is committed to building a life and business based solely on aligned, profitable decisions, even if it means going against the grain — and helping her clients do the same.

She teaches her clients that having a deep knowledge of industry best-practices is only the beginning; it’s learning when to follow, bend, and completely rewrite the rules that the magic really happens.