Unfiltered conversations with entrepreneurs doing business on their own terms.

 There's not just one way to run your business.  

Get paid and stay paid doing things your own way.

Solidify Your Sales is here to share the stories of real-life entrepreneurs who've reimagined their online businesses. From leaving long-term clients, to trying out new business models, to reinventing how they sell packages and services, to doubling down on their referral network - these owners are thriving in what can feel like a world gone mad.

We're talking to entrepreneurs of all kinds - some you've heard of and some you haven't. They're all out here running businesses that work for them.

They're ready to share their stories with you.

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This Virtual Conference brings together 15 of the sharpest service providers, course creators, coaches and infopreneurs who openly share what's working for them right now.

Each interview gives you a behind-the-scenes look (and actionable insights) on how these entrepreneurs have:

  • Capitalized on new revenue streams
  • Disrupted traditional billing practices
  • Doubled down on relationships
  • Embraced niche skills to create wildly popular offers
  • Released what's not working to evolve the business

We selfishly created this summit so we could talk to our favorite providers and share their genius with you (and trust us we took copious notes too!)

We’ve all been involved or seen those traditional summits that throw all the things at you - this one is here to do nothing more than inspire you and open your mind to what's possible by sharing great conversations with smart people doing things their own way.

15 Speakers. Endless inspiration.

On networks that pay, 100 call projects + reacting to what people want.
On unique business models + revenue sharing secrets revealed.
On generating high revenue with a small team, selling your own stuff and keeping momentum.
On pivoting out of opportunity, finding the best of both worlds and scaling as a B2B business.
On referrals, the power of friends and letting go of your biggest revenue generators.
On smart tactics to get publicity for your business, media planning and outreach.
On setting boundaries as a service provider, firing toxic clients and shifting from creative designer to conversion expert.
On pivoting, doubling down and setting boundaries.
On learning quickly, moving on when what you wish you worked don’t, and building relationships with your audience.
On opt-ing out of social media, focus on her core business and creating a hybrid recurring revenue product.
On reaching out to new clients, learning vs. doing, dealing with comparisonitis and getting over your fear of launching.
On niche skills that are in demand, finding the right frame for your offer and finding your place in the market.
On putting your health before your business, fitting creative work in without having to rely on it and being decisive.
On consistency and its gifts, keeping things interesting, and having enough.
On reimaging traditional billing practices, recognizing the actual value you’re bringing and strategy vs transactional work.

Ever wanted to listen in to the Voxer conversations happening between entrepreneurs who are making it work?

We created this conference to do just that - to share insights from our favorite online business owners and in the process shine a light on the reality that so many people are making it work so many different ways and there is no need to box yourself into anyone else's rules.

Hear from 15 entrepreneurs on how they've:

  • Moved past traditional hourly billing and retainer models - without having to build a course empire.
  • Doubled down on niche skills that aren't always celebrated on Instagram - but do get them paid.
  • Stopped doing social media and content marketing (and have never been busier).
  • Built referral networks that show up for them over and over again without any begging or weirdness.
  • Let go of long-term clients and pivoted after a decade of doing the same thing.

Get access to 15 illuminating conversations. No hidden sales pitches.
Just great conversations, insights and actionable tips to build your business your way.